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It all started with my own, personal economic collapse.

Back in 2011, I was in the corporate world and hating every minute of it. A job I once enjoyed had turned into a stressful grind that took me away from the things I was really passionate about. Like everyone else, I had unfulfilled dreams. I wanted to spend time with my kids. I wanted to do all those self-reliance projects I read about. I wanted to write books.

Most of all, I wanted to be independent.

Instead, I spent my days grinding my teeth and pretending like I actually wanted to be at the office.

Like most stories of dramatic change, it starts out sad. But hang in there. It gets way better.

First, my beloved father died. He had been perfectly fine until March, and then he became so ill that he coasted rapidly downhill and was dead by July.

I was devastated, but I made the funeral arrangements and helped my mother get her bearings. Then, I went back home with my kids, dreading my return to a job I was beginning to despise.

This all happened as the automotive industry was collapsing. To keep myself employed, I was forced to survive on significantly lower pay for more work as others were let go. My financial situation began to unravel. I'd spent more money than I was making traveling back and forth from Canada to the southern US during my dad’s terminal illness. But sometimes, you lose your handle on things like money during difficult times.

As a result, first, I lost my house.

Then, I had to return my car because I couldn't make the payments.

Every single day during that grim time, I was thankful for the well-stocked pantry I'd built over the years because, despite the chaos going on in our world, the kids had full tummies and all the basic supplies they needed.

And then, just a few months later, everything got worse.

My children's dad died. Suddenly. Shockingly. Gone at the age of 40.

My poor girls were reeling at the loss of their daddy. The only thing I wanted to do was to be there for them. I couldn’t fathom the thought of sending them to a babysitter or worse yet leaving them home alone to fend for themselves, while I busted my tail making ends meet.

In less than one year, the whole world was different.

And we had to change with it.

I took a leap of faith and changed everything.

In what probably sounds like the most ridiculous idea ever, I left my full-time job.


On purpose.

I accepted a severance package from the company (who was downsizing anyway, so I felt it was only a matter of time), cashed in a small retirement fund, and set about to live a different life.

I wanted to change everything. I wanted adventures and experiments. I wanted to have a chance to finally be a writer, as I'd always dreamed about.

I didn't know exactly how I was going to do it.  But I knew with every fiber of my being I was going to wholeheartedly embrace the chance to try.


You don't change your life by being timid.

I had enough money put aside to sustain the family for a very frugal year. I decided to stop putting things off until the perfect time. I was going to move someplace dirt cheap and go for it. If I failed, I was just going to have to come back to the city, tail between my legs.

And live frugally, we did. I found what was literally the cheapest two bedroom home in the province of Ontario, a cabin with a shaky grasp on electricity where the snow once drifted over our door and we had to climb out the window. We cut costs so much that by the end of that first year of self-employment, I was able to help my eldest daughter get through college without any debt.

It was then I realized that I had the keys to the most magical vehicle in the Universe and that I could make just about any dream I have turn into a reality. Because what kind of single mom making diddly for money does something like that?

Cheapskatery has it's privileges.

I embraced being a Cheapskate and I got rewarded. I got to live out these crazy dreams, just to name a few: 

  • I was able to make the move from Canada back to the place where my heart was, the United States.
  • I got the opportunity live on a farm in Northern California, where I killed a bunch of vegetables, managed to nurture some to harvest, and learned to raise animals, including chickens, ducks, goats, and even a baby deer.
  • While my oldest daughter completed her degree in Canada, I homeschooled my youngest in the US. 
  • We took a 3-month road trip around the United States for our last "semester" and saw things we only dreamed of previously.
  • We moved across the country so my youngest could go (debt-free) to a trade school.
  • We travel several times per year and go on grand adventures.

Everything isn't perfect - sometimes we run into problems, like when large medical bills used up all of my emergency funds and caused me to max out two credit cards.

But that's just life. We get right back on our frugal horse and we keep going. We live well above the level we "should" be able to on the income I make because our lives revolve around DIY, doing things cheaper, and creative living. We get to travel, have a comfortable home, and get educated, even when, according to most of society, we shouldn't be able to afford those things.

I enjoy cooking, traveling, hiking, and reading. Sometimes, I watch Netflix into the wee hours of the night, even when I know better. I'm a total hermit introvert and I usually forget to charge my phone. Like, for days at a time. I have a motley assortment of rescued dogs and cats, and life is GOOD.

Daisy Luther


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